Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues (WJB) is a non-profit arts organization based in St. John’s, NL in its fifteenth year of operation. The goal of WJB is to foster and sustain an appreciation of creative music in our community, primarily jazz, blues and world music. This is achieved though year-round programming of concerts, educational activities and fundraisers.

The Wreckhouse International Jazz & Blues Festival (formerly the St. John’s Jazz Festival) was formed in April 2003 and features over 200 jazz, blues and world music across multiple venues in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador. The first St. John’s Jazz Festival was held in August of 2002 and was inspired by the success of the Hew Knoo Jazz Festival.


Wreckhouse speaks to the undeniable force of nature – the wind. Its awe- inspiring landscape and hurricane force winds are truly legendary. It’s the windiest place in Newfoundland and Labrador (one of the windiest in Canada) complete with colorful folklore and harrowing tales that makes the place larger than life.

Like jazz and blues, Wreckhouse has an undeniable cache and a rich history. It has a fierce, powerful energy. It is strong and tough and distinct. It’s genuine and authentic – no plastic or canned music here. It comes straight from the gut, and the heart and soul. It has a distinctive edge, a gritty ruggedness, and it leaves an indelible impact, just like the music. We made this change so that the name of our non- profit organization, Atlantic Jazz Initiative, and the name of our Festival would reflect a more provincially relevant legend.

We have also added Blues to the Festival’s repertoire of Jazz & World music, and added “International” to the title so that we more accurately reflect the scope of the Festival’s programming.


Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues builds a greater awareness of and appreciation for jazz, blues and world music and their traditions through a year-round program of educational and performance events.


  • Create opportunities for the public of all ages to learn about the diversity, history, & cultural traditions of jazz, blues & world music.
  • Offer performance opportunities for emerging musicians and school-based bands.
  • Increase professional development opportunities for musicians of all ages and levels of expertise in areas related to composition, improvisation, performance, and business development.
  • Deliver education programs to high school students.
  • Establish opportunities for musicians of all ages to engage in networking, collaboration, & exchange opportunities with their local & visiting peers.
  • Provide opportunities for audiences of all ages to experience jazz, blues & world music in community settings.
  • Establish a scholarship for emerging student jazz musicians in Newfoundland & Labrador.
  • Promote the enjoyment of jazz, blues & world music as an instrument for building & enhancing community


Board of Directors

President: Bradley Power
Vice President: Michelle Eagles
Secretary: Justin Caines
Treasurer: Andrew Wettlaufer
Directors: Kirk Newhook
Linda Mansfield
Jacqueline Clarke
Brad Hollett